Sunday, September 8, 2013

Retroactive Blog Post- 8/30


Our trip!

We're taking a month off of work and going cross country! Yay! For those curious about the itinerary, the plan* is as follows. (*plan is subject to change upon girlfriend disapproval)

Asheville -------------> Boulder/ RMNP --> Lander, WY (wild Iris) --> Jackson, WY( (the Grand!!) -------->(note the arrrows for a long drive)--> Eugene, OR --> Smith Rock --> Ashland/Medford --> San Francisco/ Castle Rock --> Bishop(pending weather) --> Joe's Valley-------------> Asheville

Yes, we're trying to fit in a lot. Yes, I know that there are so many places in addition to those we should see. Yes, I know you had a great time at X park, but no, we won't stop there!

Our objective for this trip is to see as much as possible while still having an opportunity to enjoy an area and get a feel for it. I can't see us managing to add much more to the trip without deducting from another area. Another side objective is for us to maximize the time bouldering at the end of the trip so we can go into our climbing season in NC feeling fit. So, there it is. That's our itinerary!

A couple other pre-trip notes.

Layla: First of all, thank you SO much to Kristen Zonnevylle for taking Layla for an entire month. Our original plans involving layla being left with my parents in NJ fell through after my mom broke her foot in two places trying to swat a fly(NICE!) I was very hesitant to ask Kristen because it is just such a huge favor to ask of someone. An entire month! And on top of that a week before our trip, Layla had a limpoma that grew too the size of a golf ball out of nowhere. We had two doctors look at it and both of them thought that it could wait until after our trip before removing it. Still, it's an added responsibility to check the lump to make sure it's not growing and to give her medicine. So...again... THANK YOU KRISTEN!!!

We're homeless!:  Yep, our lease is done with. We don't have bills, we don't have rent, we don't have a home to come back to... So yes, we'll be trolling craigslist while we're gone looking for a place and sending Ben to go look at the them and make sure they have floors that are level.(seriously, every place we looked at before we left had a floor that looked to be on the verge of collapsing. So, thank you to  Ben for checking out places for us and thank you to Steven for letting us post up some stuff at his house.

We still have our jobs!: Thanks to Climbmax and Wicked Weed for being so flexible with us and giving us the opportunity to do this trip. It's a unique experience that not everyone is able to do, so thank you to both great organizations.

And of course, thank you to our families for the support going on this trip. THANK YOU!

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